Empire vs. The Local Guy

So, carpet.  The first couple times we saw the house, The carpet in the bedrooms seemed OK.  The master bedroom carpet was a little worn, but the guest bedroom carpet looked brand new.  I figured we could replace the master bedroom carpet, but maybe save a little money and just clean the guest bedroom carpet ourselves with one of those fancy steam cleaners you can rent at the grocery store.  Then we closed on the house & walked through the empty house that was now ours, and we knew both bedrooms would need to be replaced.  First we noticed the smell.  Then…the white cat hair.  So.  Much.  Hair.  That white cat sure was cute and friendly, but oh, OH, the smell and the hair was just too much.  During the week between closing and move-in, whenever we were in the house, I had to open all the windows just so the smell of cat pee wouldn’t permeate into the walls.  I was actually worried about the subfloor, the smell was so bad.

I decided we would get a quote from Empire (you know, the next day installers…), as well as a carpet guy I’ve worked with on a couple of my projects at work.  I knew my guy would likely be more expensive, but also have better quality goods.  I was surprised when the Empire rep arrived and laid out her samples.  There were many options, some softer (and more expensive) than others.  We picked a couple we liked, and then she started the car salesman song-and-dance about putting the quote together, then us haggling with her, her calling her “manager” to see about a lower price, and we finally arrived at a price we could swallow, which was, admittedly, more than we originally anticipated.  The thing with Empire is…you have to give them a “deposit” (I think maybe $75?) and book RIGHT!  THEN! or the quoted price isn’t guaranteed the next day or a week later (because, of course it’s not!).  So we gave our deposit and signed up for installation the following week (they were REALLY pushing to install the next day, but no, not while sanding and painting were still going on, thankyouverymuch).

My carpet guy showed up with his samples, and I immediately knew what I wanted.  And I was scared what the cost would be.  Sure enough, it was about $800 more than the Empire quote.  But, he was able to convince the particular manufacturer’s rep to give us a better price since I’m “in the industry”, so we were at just $200 over the Empire quote, which, to me, was totally worth it.  I called Empire to cancel and they tried to throw in a better pad or another room for just a few hundred more, but we had made up our minds…and we didn’t have any more rooms anyway!

Carpet2   Carpet1

Bye bye old carpet (and the subfloors were fine!)…

Through the process, in addition to the feel of the carpet itself, I learned that a good carpet pad is worth its weight in gold.  That was the other factor that ultimately made us choose not to go with Empire; their pad thicknesses were not the same as the “industry standard” descriptors, so it was like comparing apples and oranges, and I was worried that a few months after their warranty ran out…so would the pad.  So, we got a luxuriously thick pad from my guy, along with our luxuriously soft loop carpet, and honestly, it’s one of my favorite parts about the new house upgrades.  I could sit/lie on our bedroom floor for hours!  We definitely made the right choice, once again!

Carpet4    Carpet3


Hello, luxurious new carpet!

For anyone in the LA area, I highly recommend the company we worked with–not only because of our experience with them, but also because I have worked with them through my job, and already knew I could trust them!  Here is their contact information…

Coverall Industries
Stephan Amirayan
e: stephan@coverallindustries.com
p: (310) 288-9990

457 S. Robertson Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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One response to “Empire vs. The Local Guy

  1. Naomi

    Interesting! We went with Luna (because I don’t have a carpet company I’ve worked with that I can call up like you did – jealous!) and had a similar experience with them being all “yeah, well, let me check with my manager about getting you a discount…” and then they came back with a lower price in a matter of minutes. Goes to show not to take their initial quote as the be-all-end-all!

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